With A Grateful Heart


Dear Friends,
With Thanksgiving upon us, it’s time to reflect upon how incredibly blessed we are as a nation by God in Heaven and how He has written the history of this great nation through time; from the very beginning.

Regardless of what the mainstream media asserts in the nightly news, America IS, IN FACT, A Judeo-Christian Nation. It was founded on the basis of religious liberty and freedom from oppression and persecution that drove settlers from Europe and Britain to the North American Colonies due to the conviction held by the Protestants, Catholics and Jews alike, that the right to worship God is a basic human right and that no government, ruling authority or society should force people to abide by a theocracy who wished to impose their brand of religion on everyone. Those who dissented were labeled heretics and ostracized from society, in many cases being executed for their “lack of conformity” to the state religion, like the Mennonites in Ghent in 1554, who were murdered by strangulation and burning at the stake, then dispatched with an iron fork and Jesuits in England in the early 1600’s who were similarly cut to pieces and tortured for their faith. This should not come as a surprise though, since Jesus himself told His disciples that “all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted” (2 Tim 3:12).

So in the 17th century, a mass exodus of mainly Christians, immigrated from England and throughout Europe to the New World, to create a haven where they could freely exercise their faith without fear of reprisal. These courageous souls had no idea what to expect or if they would even survive, but despite the overwhelming odds against them, they forged ahead with a dream of living in a free society where they could enjoy life, liberty and pursue their dreams. Had God not ordained the migration and blessed these early settlers, they would have never survived and our country would never have existed. In April of 1635, a 21-year-old named Francis Peabody was one such person. He boarded a tall ship called The Planter with 117 other brave souls, 1/3 of whom perished on the journey or soon afterwards, and embarked on a perilous journey from London across the Atlantic Ocean to the Massachusetts Bay Colony, governed by Puritan John Winthrop, to an unknown world to start a new life with a new beginning.

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