In case you are unaware of who Peabody Engineering is and what our background is, allow me to tell you a little about our company. We were founded in 1952 by Richard Peabody, my father, who sold primarily into the agricultural market and provided equipment for anhydrous ammonia and other fertilizer solutions. In 1982, my brother Larry and I purchased the company from him and went in a totally different direction. We keyed in on the newer technologies in the liquid chemical handling industry and focused on non-metallic solutions in tanks, valves, pumps and related products. Over the years, we have refined what we do to primarily the manufacturing of engineered products.

Today, our company has three divisions; One is involved in the manufacture of Engineered Plastic Tanks in single and dual containment configurations. We offer standard tanks that are customized for specific applications such as Chemical Distribution, Water Treatment, Remediation, Food Processing, Pharmaceuticals, Potable Water storage and many other applications. We do things with plastic tanks that other companies are unable to do. You would be amazed at some of the projects we have done over the past 30 years, many of which are still in service today.

Our second division is our RFTC Cell Site Concealment Systems Division we call Peabody Concealment Systems. In this division, we create RF transparent (meaning that radio frequencies are unimpeded by our materials) architecturally matched enclosures for integration into existing buildings or architectural features to hide or camouflage telecommunications cell sites, microwave towers, wi-fi antennas, etc. Our systems are all custom made individually for each site and are amazing! Normally, once our system is installed on a building, you would never know there was even a cell site on the building. Most of the time, our enclosures actually enhance the appearance of the building, making it more attractive than it was to begin with. Our success in this division is largely due to the fact that our enclosures are pre-fabricated in a few large pieces and pre-assembled in our factory. When they are shipped to the job site, the installer simply has to lift the pieces (usually by crane) onto to rooftop and bolt them in place, normally in just a few hours.
This is in contrast to industry standard practice, which normally involves shipping pallets of raw stock to a job site where a field crew spends several days or weeks building the enclosure on-site from standard components. The results are varied, but normally not as convincing as our custom made enclosures from our factory. Also, when considering the cost of field labor, the field fabricated systems are normally more costly at the end of the project.

Our third division is our Rotational Molding Operations. We have been involved in rotational molding since the late 1970’s when plastic industrial tanks were in their infancy. Throughout the years, we have been involved in the ownership of other rotational molding companies, had many of our proprietary products custom molded by other vendors and sold products molded by other companies. In 2009, we finally decided that there was no reason that we should not be molding products ourselves, so we invested in our first molding machine and brought all of our proprietary tooling in-house. Since then, we have added two more molding machines and enhanced our proprietary product line. In addition, we now mold products for other companies as well. Our expertise and experience in rotational molding affords us the ability to assist in the design and engineering of new products, build tooling and mold virtually anything where rotational molding makes sense as a manufacturing method. We mold in many materials, including polyethylene, polypropylene, PVDF and more.

Peabody has garnered a solid reputation in all three divisions as THE quality provider of engineered solutions that meet or exceed the requirements each industry demands. As we proceed, I will endeavor to offer case studies or overviews of applications we encounter and how we work through the challenges we face to complete each project with amazing results. I will also try to keep you updated on industry trends, new technologies and timely issues that affect us all.

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