Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from Peabody EngineeringIf you sat down at the First Thanksgiving dinner in 1621, you most likely had turkey, waterfowl, venison, fish, lobster, clams, berries, fruit, pumpkin, and squash. Through the years most of these foods have remained a constant staple when it comes time to prepare for the Thanksgiving Feast and depending where you live in the United States, your regional area may influence what ends up on your table. Turkeys stuffed with wild rice are a favorite in Minnesota. Washington State locally grown hazelnuts find their way in stuffing and desserts. In the Key West area, you guessed it, Key Lime pie is prominently displayed right next to the pumpkin pie and don’t be surprised if you are in Baltimore sitting at the table and you see sauerkraut sitting alongside the Thanksgiving Turkey.

Thanksgiving Day seems to be the one day of the year where food, family and friends take center stage. Tens of millions of people take to the sky, car, bus or railway to reach a beloved destination where we connect with loved ones, rejoice and give Thanks for our blessings and enjoy a wonderful feast.

Our prayers continue to be said for all our Military who protect us, our freedom and our Country. Their sacrifice allows us to be able to enjoy not only our holidays but every day and we Thank them for so gallantly serving and keeping America safe. May God look after them and bring them home to their families.

Happy Thanksgiving and may your day be filled with family, friends, laughter, love, warmth, good times and great food.
All of us here at Peabody Engineering

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