Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Peabody Engineering

Have you heard about the urban legend of what the “12 Days of Christmas” carol is all about? Apparently Roman Catholics in England were not allowed to openly practice their faith so a carol was written as a catechism song for Catholics. For instance “three French hens stood for faith, hope and love” and the “ten lords a-leaping were the Ten Commandments”. We can neither confirm nor deny this legend but if you would like to see what the rest of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” are click the link where we found this information from.

All of us here at Peabody Engineering wish you health and happiness during this holiday season and continued prosperity in the New Year.

Water Tower Cell Site Concealment

In August 2013, Peabody RFTC Concealments delivered two amazing concealments to the Piedras Blancas Light Station in San Simeon, California.  The PBLSA requested that Peabody create a replica of the original wooden water tower that once stood at the light station which was originally constructed in 1908.



The contractor hired to build the water tower used recycled redwood to construct the two-tiered tower structure.  On the first platform they placed the smaller of the two fiberglass water tanks – 9’ tall x 9’ in diameter with an open top – and then continued constructing the tower.

When the upper platform was finished, they placed the larger fiberglass water tank on top – 12’ tall x 12’6” in diameter with a fiberglass cover designed to look like an old metal tank lid.


Since the tower construction and tank installation has been completed, we have visited the PBLS and even WE are in awe of how realistic these two replica tanks turned out!  We are proud of the design and fabrication of these two tanks and so is our customer.  Next time you’re looking for great weekend getaway, take a trip up the coast and visit this historical location.  Make sure to check out the water towers and let us know what YOU think!

To see more photos of this project visit our online portfolio and look in section Special Projects – Light House Water Towers

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