Tank WATCH-IT® System

The Tank WATCH-IT® System (TWI) is a state-of-the-art cloud-based remote monitoring solution that provides business intelligence through wireless connectivity to your remote tanks and equipment. The TWI System allows you to monitor your assets remotely from any internet-connected device 24/7 on a single secure, password-protected web interface. You can specify pre-set alert levels when you want to be notified or when your tanks or other assets need attention, like when it’s time to fill or empty, when your customer needs to be invoiced or a host of other reasons.

The Tank WATCH-IT® System is a robust, programmable platform that offers you a choice of monitoring your remote sites with either a single tank or multiple tanks, with no limit to the number of sites you need to monitor. The sensors are battery operated, so there is no need for a power source, and in a typical installation, the battery lasts 2-3 years. The unit will even alert you when it’s time to change batteries.

You can connect to your tanks and equipment wirelessly by cloud technology via cellular, ethernet, WiFi or satellite at a cost that is lower than you may expect. Peabody also offers leasing programs for large networks of tanks and equipment.

The single tank system includes a one-piece sensor with an embedded cellular device and battery pack that comes to you pre-configured and is easily installed and activated for plug-and-play operability. The multiple tank solution includes a sensor for each tank, all with embedded radios and batteries that wirelessly connect to a gateway device. Up to 10 tanks will connect to a single gateway that will link to the cloud via your choice of cellular, WiFi, ethernet or Satellite. If you have several remote locations, some with a single tank and others with multiple tanks, we can collect data from all of them and you can access all of them from a single website.

With the Tank WATCH-IT® System, you can optimize your supply chain & truck routing, by knowing which tanks need to be filled/emptied in advance, sending trucks only to the sites that need attention, virtually eliminating “Milk Runs”, resulting in significant cost savings through improved efficiencies. We can also monitor a variety of commodities, including chemicals, fuels, solids and gasses. Mobile assets can also be tracked with our on-board GPS, so you will always know where your “stuff” is.

Our team of programmers can also integrate other devices into our interface, affording you complete control of your assets in one secure web portal with redundant server reliability and exportable reports for business analytics.

Contact our Tank WATCH-IT team at (951) 734-7711 to discuss how the TWI system can work in your environment.

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