Gemini Plastic Tanks New Size 160 Gallons

A new size of 160 gallons has recently been added to our Gemini Dual Wall Containment Tank Line. It comes in Blue or Natural. If you have chemicals or other products and you need a plastic tank dual containment system then our Gemini Tanks are your solution.

Key Points:

  • They come with standard fittings
  • Lightweight and durable which makes them easy to move without heavy equipment
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Strong dome lid handles heavy pumps and attachments
  • Wide range of sizes 15 to 500 gallons
Gemini Tanks in Blue or Natural 160 Gallons

Gemini Tanks in Blue or Natural 160 Gallons

Go here for more information on our newest size 160 Gallon Gemini Dual Containment Tank

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